Thursday, October 6, 2011

Broken Bottles

Saturday Morning I took the kids to the trails at Lake Hefner just to walk. It was a beautiful day, but the lake level is very low. The sun was hitting the beach area around the water and all of us were distracted by all the glass sparkling in the mud. We stopped and carefully pulled some of the pieces out, brought them home and cleaned them off. I guess I'll make something out of them. They were just too beautiful to leave behind.

I lead the ladies Bible Study last night. Two women came who did not know each other before. All of us have a relationship with The Redeemer and this was our common bond. We shared our stories together. One lady had been in Prison. She said the day she was released she came home got on her knees and prayed for Salvation. The other lady had been on her own since she was 16. Both expressed how living in these apartments they felt alone until one of them saw us leading worship on the tennis courts. The other lady saw pastor Chad praying with her neighbor. They shared how they felt God had sent us here just for them. As I was falling asleep, I wrote this poem.


You're just a piece of what used to be a whole
Now your sharp and ragged edges show

Stuck in the mud where by the waves you were buried
Still the light hits and your beautiful colors shine through

Try to remember who claimed you once,
Then try to forget who tossed you away

It doesn't matter now what you held or who held you
All the places you were shattered make sense

As He takes the edges down and fits you together
With other beautiful broken pieces
To make something new

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