Thursday, February 14, 2013

When Love Don't Come Easy

On Monday while David and I were walking to the car after school he was telling me all about how his teacher had them draw names from students in his class. For the person whose name he drew, he would have to write a special Valentine’s note. “But I drew Jordan’s name! It’s gonna be pretty hard to say something nice. He gets on my nerves the MOST!”

Apparently, Jordan invented a game the kids play at lunchtime called, “Cheese Touch”. David explained the game and why he hates it so much. When Jordan yells “Cheese Touch!” everyone is supposed to touch the cheese on their plate then touch the person sitting next to them. “It seems like every day there is cheese in our lunch! I just ignore him. I don’t play Cheese Touch when he yells it; then he laughs at me.”

All the way home David struggled with what to write in Jordan’s Valentine. He said, “I could tell him that he’s good at making up games . . .but that would just encourage him!”

Well, last night at dinner David made an important announcement. “I finally found something nice to say in Jordan’s Valentine note! I wrote, ‘Dear Jordan, you are very creative. Happy Valentine’s Day’.”

Not everyone in our life is easy to love. There might even be people who are down right annoying! Just remember that Romans 5:8 says “God demonstrated His great love for us; in that while we were still sinners Christ died for us.” He didn’t cast us out, He doesn’t just tolerate us or try to make us feel better about ourselves; He made us loveable. Jesus put the love in our heart . . . give some of His Love away today. 

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