Friday, April 12, 2013

Clement Bros. Savings and Loan

It all started three weeks ago when Chad and I discussed giving the boys an allowance. We’re trying to teach them responsibility and give an incentive for getting their chores done before school each morning. At breakfast we explained to the boys they would be paid one dollar for each school day that they are dressed with chores done by 8:15.

Friday came, the first “pay day”, and Chad sat down with the boys at his desk to give them each the money they had earned. Then he talked to them about tithing and saving.

David quickly pulled Sean aside into their room and tried to sell him on the benefits of “brothering up” as they call it. Basically, consolidating their assets by just putting all their money in a big pile; then deciding how to use it together.

The next Wednesday one of the neighbor boys was over playing video games with David. All three boys decided to go out and ride bikes. When they came back Sean was crying. It seems that the neighbor boy was kicking him. I went to find out what was going on when David reassured me he had handled it.

The way David “handled it” was to make “arrangements” with the neighbor. I found out later that David told Sean that “S” had agreed to quit kicking Sean for a dollar, so under David’s direction Sean gave “S” one of his dollars and “S” took it!

Upon finding out about this scheme I was very upset. We restricted the time that this friend would be at the house and David would be responsible for returning Sean’s money. David went to school the next day and told his friend he’d have to give the dollar back, which he did. David put the dollar in his pocket.

Later, as I was pulling clothes out of the dryer, I found Sean’s dollar that had fallen out of David’s pocket.

So, in two weeks and with only eight dollars, our 8 year old and 6 year old sons started an organized crime ring that involves illegal incorporation, racketeering and money laundering. They’ve even made me an accessory to their crimes.

On the up side - after dinner this evening, Chad took the boys to go shopping with their money. He said it took them forever because they were very concerned about what things cost since it was their own money being spent. Sean had his heart set on an earthworm farm, but needed one more dollar. David decided to give Sean a dollar and save the rest of his money for a new Lego game. So, now to add to all the excitement, we are the proud owners of an earthworm farm! 

Observing the boys behavior over the last few weeks really brought to my attention how much we need Jesus to be Lord over every area of our lives, especially our finances. If we allow pride and selfishness to be our guide, loss and destruction will be the only fruit left of what God desires to be a blessing. I pray God will help us as we teach our children to use thier time and money wisely, and more importantly, that we will set Godly examples for them. 

I'd love to hear from other parents about how you are teaching the principles of stewardship in your home. 

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