Monday, August 19, 2013

That's Our Girl!

Silly. Funny. A Hoot! These are all words used on a regular basis to describe our Ruby. She is a beautiful, sweet, ball of fun, and tonight, I’m a ball of mush as I anticipate dropping her off for her first day of Kindergarten in the morning.

For five years she has ridden my hip and played at my feet through all sorts of life changes and the completion of big projects. She’s used up reams of paper in my office to write messages and draw pictures, but I didn’t stop her because it kept her busy (and the notes were pretty cute).

I’m going to miss being distracted by the sound of My Little Pony on loop while I’m working. The boys are going to wonder why, suddenly, their room stays clean while they’re away at school. Daddy is going to miss having a Starbucks date with Tinker Bell on Monday mornings.

Tonight, at bedtime, I tried to remind her of all the good things she can do to help her teacher. We went over some of the rude things we don’t do now that we're a big girl. 

When I took her to see her brand new classroom today she became uncharacteristically quiet. I could tell she was overwhelmed by the size of the new room and the lack of familiar pre school toys. Pretty soon she just started walking around each table. I realized what she was doing after she yelled out “R U B Y! That’s me!” I think the room became smaller to her once she found her place. Give Ruby a spot with her name on it and she knows what to do!

Truly, I am thankful for the wonderful school our kids get to attend in the morning and for their bright-eyed teachers we met today. So, if you see me parked at Sonic tomorrow morning crying it out in my car, just know that at least one-third of the tears are tears of joy. The rest are all because of Ruby.

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  1. Oh, I feel for you, Anna. I always had one at home with me, and when they were all in school...that took some getting used to for me.
    I enjoyed being room mother for all three. They
    grow up so fast.