Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Why I Don't Quit

     I’ve had a spiritual growth spurt lately and I feel like it needs to be documented here since my blog is called, “Gleaning From Life” after all. There have been recent events in our life, that had they happened two years ago or even last year, would have left me feeling down and discouraged. They may have even caused me to give up on the ministry God has called us to. It seems I’ve come to accept these waves of difficulty with a little more perspective and endure with a little more courage.
         Last year I found an old sermon by the late reverend Dr. E.V. Hill titled “Why I Don’t Quit”. (I’m posting part three at the end of this blog.) In this sermon he gives some very compelling reasons why the children of God should not give up on their calling. Every time I need a reminder I just play this sermon in my ear then “get back to my post” as he says.
         I thought I’d take his points and share why they speak courage to my heart. Hopefully, if you’re in need of encouragement today you will be reminded of the reasons why you shouldn’t quit either!


Before I even knew what a “Baptist” was, or what a missionary was, I was just a little girl learning about who Jesus is and about His great love for me. It was in the songs my mother sang, the books she read, the sermons my father preached and the stories my Sunday School teacher taught. It was through this progressive realization that I learned who Jesus was and fell in love with Him.
Soon after my realization of who Jesus was, I became aware of my need for Him. He became my Savior and Lord. As a young adult He called me to follow Him in service and with my whole heart I obeyed. Now He is my ROCK!
There have been times that I thought living out my calling depended on the approval of another person or organization. God has been faithful to teach me that even if I fail or other people fail me, He’ll just pick me back up, dust me off and put me back to work. I started with Jesus and I’ll be satisfied that His work in me is done when we meet face to face.

This morning I was working in our office at the apartment complex signing up campers. Chad and Brother Chris pulled up with a fresh load of produce. When I offered groceries to one of the moms she said, “This is amazing! What made you and your husband decide to do all this?” 

I said, “well, for me it started with a bunch of oranges!” I told her how Chad and I moved from Amarillo into one of the apartments at the back with our children. We knew God wanted us to begin ministering in these apartments even though at the time we weren’t any better off financially than our neighbors. We were offering all we had, which was a Bible Study in our living room on Sunday mornings.

That year, when I finally got my first check from Wal Mart I was so thankful. On my way out from work I stopped and bought a big bag of oranges for David, Sean and Ruby. It had made me so sad that to not have the grocery budget we had in Amarillo, and it felt very good that night to buy fresh fruit for our kids again.

The next morning when the kids in our apartments showed up for Bible study and saw those oranges sitting in a bowl, they asked if they could have some. They were hungry and it was truly an act of faith for me when I started cutting up those oranges to share. Not only did our family continue to have enough, but we are now able to bless every family in that complex with fresh fruit each day!

God has provided so faithfully for our every need and in such miraculous ways. My whole life is a testimony to the goodness of God.  It would be “an act of ingratitude” as Dr. E.V. Hill puts it, for me to give up of following Jesus. I’m committed to carrying on in the ministry with every resource that He puts in our hands, trusting always in His provision.


The crown of life is what I’m running for, nothing else God allows me to achieve in life will compare to hearing my Savior say, “well done!”.  There will be much to endure here on earth and hopefully many times of joyful celebration, but as a follower of Christ I’ll  “ . . . run with perseverance the race marked out for us fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith. For the joy set before him he endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.” Hebrews 12:1b-2

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