Friday, January 7, 2011

Answered Prayers

Monday Morning, I had a list of employment opportunities circled from the Sunday Classifieds. While Chad was driving I crossed off the places we had already been. I looked up and Chad was parked in front of The Tealridge Christian Retirement Community. "Why don't you go in here?" He said. It is a very nice looking facility on the outside, but I didn't quite "get" why he thought I should go in. There were no signs or advertisements that they were hiring. I took one of my resumes out of the folder and went in anyway.

I went to the front desk. The receptionist asked if I needed help. I told her if they had any positions available and asked if I could leave my resume. We visited for a minute about my previous work experience. She explained to me that a new assisted living facility was opening and she was losing some of her front office staff to the new office. I went ahead and filled out the application she gave me and left it with her.

Today I met her for an interview. We hit it off right away. She told me about the job. There are 180 residents and the front desk is the help desk for residents and reception desk for visitors. She stopped after I told her where I was from and said, "I just have to ask, why did you stop by here Monday?" When I told her she started to tear up and explained, "I have worked here for seven years. It is very difficult to find good staff who care about our residents and who are dependable. When management gave me the list of staff I would be losing I started to pray about how we would find people to replace them. . . then you just walked in!" We both had a good little praise session about how God hears our prayers and provides.

Another blessing. . . I will be working at night and on Saturday, so I get take David to school and pick him up, and take care of Ruby and Sean during the day. As bad as I need to work right now, I didn't want to take a job where I can't see our kids. I can also take another part time temporary job a couple days a week if I need to.

Since I quit working a Citychurch I have learned how true the call of God is on my life. I belong to Him and don't presume to tell Him how to use me. I am thankful to serve in a way I've never served before and hopefully I'll learn something I don't already know!

Thank you all for praying.


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