Wednesday, February 23, 2011

When Crazy Is All You Got

The last few days off from WalMart have been very blessed and productive.

On Monday, Chad and I met with Pastor Hance Dilbeck at Quail Springs Baptist Church. Since we’ve been in Oklahoma we have visited a few services. On the Sunday we attended Quail Springs for the first time Chad pretty much made me go. I was one bad experience away from being church residue.

Chad and I both felt the Holy Spirit move as we worshipped and the sermon was just what we needed to hear. The next Wednesday we got a call from the pastor inviting us to come back.

When we joined, Pastor Hance asked to meet us. In passing, we had told him of God leading us to start a church to reach the thousands of families living in our apartment complexes. When we finally had the opportunity to share our vision with him we weren’t sure what to expect.

It wasn’t long into the conversation Chad and I both knew this was a pastor with a heart for evangelism. More than that, he had already been prayerfully leading his congregation to have a heart for local missions. We look forward to seeing how God uses QSBC and us together to do great things for The Kingdom of God.

After our meeting we came home and got more cookies to deliver to our neighbors. It was a little awkward going door to door with cookies. We’re used to our reputation preceding us at Citychurch. When a deep voice yells from the back, “Who is it?!” all we had to say was, “We’re from Citychurch!” and we’d get the open door.

What we’re doing now is more like setting the blades of the plow to some untouched ground. One man came to the door. Chad told him we were with Truth Baptist Church, invited him to come Sunday and asked if he already has a church home. The man smiled and said, “We don’t. . .really . . . go to church.” Then a female voice from the kitchen hollered, “But WE NEED TO! Tell him we’ll be there Sunday!”

At the next apartment a woman opened the door. We handed her some cookies and she explained she would not be getting involved. “I will probably be moving soon.” She tearfully explained, “If my son and daughter-in-law choose to keep the baby she’s carrying they will need my help.”

I asked if we could pray for her family. She told me it was too late and the decision was theirs to make. I asked if I could pray for her. She refused and said she had to get to work. We prayed as we walked away for all involved especially for the fragile little life hanging in the balance.

House after house, we saw familiar little faces locking their eyes on the cookies and running to thank us. They’d say “. . .make sure you knock on our door Sunday to remind my parents. We want to come to church!”

This morning Chad and I walked though a 9 acre tract of land located in the flow of foot traffic. There is a beaten path from the apartments to the mall where many people, who live here, work. It is perfect for building the church, because kids and youth can walk or ride bikes from the apartments on a sidewalk.

We sat in the middle of this field with the sea of apartments in view and prayed for a miracle. We prayed for God to do a great work in the lives of those who attend Sunday, for a boldness in our own walk that only comes by The Holy Spirit. We asked God for the land we were standing on. We know Our Heavenly Father can and will provide as our hearts come in line with His heart and His plan. So we continue to trust, listen and obey.

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  1. The website looks great! I thought aboutlots tonight at choir practice. The songs we were rehearsing really made methink of you.